Turkish ambassador: “Those who committed genocide in Anatolia and Azerbaijan received their response during 44 day war”

# 14:27
10 May 2021

“As it is known, decisions regarding events of 1915 have been adopted not only in America, but also in the parliaments of several countries. Parliaments judge and accuse history through one word,” said ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan Jahit Baghci in his visit to Guba, APA reports.

The ambassador added that those who want to see what is massacre let them look martyrdom of Guba, Anatolia, and Zeve in Van.

J. Bagci said that those who burned with the dream of a "Greater Armenia" and committed massacres in Anatolia and Azerbaijan received their response in the 44-day Karabakh war: “Inshallah, we will convey it to new generations with “two states, one nation” concept, we will have shown what these massacres and genocides were like in the past. I am very impressed from this museum and this visit.”