Unity of Turkic world strengthened after liberation of Azerbaijani territories, Baghdad Amreyev says

Unity of Turkic world strengthened after liberation of Azerbaijani territories, Baghdad Amreyev says
# 03 October 2021 13:53 (UTC +04:00)

October 3rd marks the 12th Anniversary of the signing of the Nakhchivan Agreement institutionalizing the cooperation among the Turkic States, APA reports.

Secretary-General of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States Baghdad Amreyev said that o this historical occasion, which empowered the centuries old fraternal ties develop into a concrete partnership, October 3rd is celebrated each year as the Cooperation Day of Turkic Speaking States: "Our Member States are all justified in taking pride in their achievements and productive joint efforts reached beneath their common house, the Turkic Council, which has become a very distinguished, reputable and effective institution of its region and beyond in only one decade.

Despite all the encounters, the preceding 2020 – 2021 years were also victorious years for the Turkic world.

In this period, our unity became stronger, thanks to the important successes, first and foremost the liberation of Azerbaijani territories from occupation and the restoration of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. During the 44 Days Patriotic War, the Turkic Council on behalf of all the Member States, supported the just cause of Azerbaijan by all means and its victorious result constituted a source of pride for all our States.

This year also witnessed gathering of our Leaders at an Informal Turkistan Summit organized in virtual format, during which the city of Turkistan was proclaimed as the spiritual capital of the Turkic world, acknowledging its cultural and spiritual place at the crossroads of millennial civilizations.

Our Heads reviewed and evaluated the Organization's current undertakings, plans and projects as well as its future vision and goals. In particular, the most outstanding message given by our Heads of State at Turkistan Summit was the unity and solidarity picture they drew with placing the flag of the Organization alongside their own country flags. This is the actual demonstration of strong willpower and commitment given at highest level to the efforts of the Organization.

At this point I want to highlight that the expected joining of brotherly Turkmenistan in the Turkic Council would significantly enrich and nourish our agenda and give a momentum to the cooperation within the Organization.

Our work has been going through its most productive and active period for the last couple of years. This year we yet again carried out very concrete and productive activities in more than 20 cooperation areas from economy to transport, from health to education, from youth and sports to tourism. We effectively continued organization of ministerial and expert meetings, as well as specialized forums, high level conferences, sectoral workshops, training and capacity building programs covering all these fields.

Our intensive efforts in terms of economic cooperation will bear fruits very soon with the launch of the Turkic Investment Fund targeting to support the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of our countries.

On the other hand, by adjusting to the challenging conditions in the best way, we carried out many tangible works in the field of health within the scope of our Organization; we developed projects, established cooperation mechanisms, started to collaborate with the World Health Organization, included the post-pandemic period in our plans, and we took actions in new cooperation areas such as agriculture, agribusiness, migration and etc. I would like to also note with gratitude that during this testing period, our countries provided tremendous mutual technical and humanitarian assistance and exchanged best practices and experiences in the fight against the pandemic.

This November in Istanbul we will hold a historic Summit of our Leaders at which they will take a number of decisions that are of vital importance for our Organization as well as the entire Turkic world.
This special occasion devoted to our solidarity also reminds us of our obligations to the future. The undertakings among the Turkic States is now entering a new phase of closer cooperation and deeper integration, constituting a new era with the new objectives and initiatives incorporated in «Turkic World Vision - 2040».

The last but not the least, this year is also significant for marking the 30th anniversary of our four Member States. I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize that, as the Turkic Council, we are always proud of the achievements and successful development of our Member States in economic, social and political fields, thus reiterate once again that we will do our best to attain success in line with our goals.

With these feelings and thoughts, we express our deep gratitude to our Heads of State, the Ministries, public institutions, private sector and NGOs of our Member States for their continual support and assistance to the activities of our Organization.

Wishing peace, unity and solidarity, we cordially celebrate 3rd October of all Turkic peoples around world."