Prosecutor General's Office: 19 people died, 55 injured as a result of Armenian provocation

Prosecutor General
# 01 October 2020 18:06 (UTC +04:00)

The military-political leadership of aggressor Armenia continues terror acts against civilians by grossly violating norms and principles of international law, Prosecutor General's Office told APA.

As a result of Armenian Armed Force’s shelling the territories where the Azerbaijani population densely populated, with heavy artillery, 55 civilians have been hospitalized with various injuries and 19 have been killed in total.

Moreover, Armenian military units continue to intensively fire on settlements where people compactly populated- centers of region and village, civilian infrastructure facilities, medical institutions, school buildings, kindergartens, administrative buildings of state bodies, with heavy artillery.

As a result of shelling of civilian infrastructure by the armed forces of the occupying country caused a lot of damage to 169 residential houses, as well as 40 civilian facilities, also transport vehicles belonging to civilians became unusable, numerous cattle killed.

Currently the employees of Prosecutor General's Office all  investigative operational measures which is possible in combat condition are being carried out.

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