Prosecutor General: As a result of Armenians' rocket strikes to Aghjabadi, two, including a child, injured

# 17:50
5 October 2020

Military-political leadership of aggressive Armenia continues its terror acts against civilians by grossly violating norms and principles of international law, press service of the Prosecutor General's Office told APA.

Armed forces of the aggressive country have shelled 3 rockets at Aghjabadi city at about 4:00 p.m on October 5, 2020, by targeting unprotected areas, residential settlements, and disarmed zones, as well as facilities, which are seen and distinguished clearly and not military, and civilians.

One of the launched rockets didn’t explode, another one fell on homestead area and caused destructions in residential house, while the third one fell on residential house.

As a result of falling of rocket on the house where they live, the city residents - Ibrahimov Elshan Mehdi born in 1994 and his brother’s daughter Ibrahimova Ayan Rovshan born in 2015 sustained various bodily injuries and were placed in hospital, at the same time, massive amount of damage was caused to the house. 

Currently, all investigative and operational measures that are possible in combat condition are implemented by employees of the prosecutor’s office.