Prosecutor General’s Office: Videos on allegedly treating illegal against Armenian prisoners of war, determined to be fake

# 19:07
16 October 2020

In recent days, video footages reflecting alleged illegal behaviors of the servicemen of the Azerbaijani Army against Armenian prisoners of war, as well as the allegedly indifferent attitude of Azerbaijani doctors to the wounded, have been spread by some social network users, as well as Инфотека24 and other foreign mass media, the press service of Prosecutor General’s Office told APA.

Investigation on videos on alleged illegal behaviors against Armenian prisoners of war have been carried out at it has been determined that they are fake.

We state that such kind of videos staged by Armenians in order to attract the attention of international the community are provocative.

The videos have nothing to do with combat activity of Azerbaijani servicemen, as well as to our society.

Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan ask for our citizens, in this sensitive and glorious period for our state, to be vigilant, not to publicize provocative videos, as well as not to spread them through mobile apps.