Armenian hackers send virus files to Azerbaijani citizens through e-mail

# 15:11
9 October 2020

Virus files are being sent to e-mail addresses of Azerbaijani citizens by Armenian hackers in order to infect, Computer Incident Response Team under the Special Communication and Information Security State Agency of the Special State Protection Service told APA-Economics.

Received mails cover the following themes:

1. “List of victims of Armenia”

2.  "Минобороны Азербайжана опубликовало список погибших"

3. Хакеры взломали базу данных Министерства обороны Азербайджана и опубликовали список погибших азербайжанских военнаслующих.

4. Report.exe

5. List. Exe

6. Instructions.exe, etc.

The citizens are recommended to be careful while getting such e-mails, to remove immediately such mails without opening files and to send to the Center for analysis.

"We call on all our citizens to be careful and vigilant against the enemy's cyber-attack and mass disinformation policy," the information reads.