EU to agree to further Brexit delay - Draft Conclusion of Summit

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9 April 2019

EU officials will hold an emergency summit for Brexit on Wednesday to have a 'final say' on a second delay, ONA reports citing BBC.

According to draft conclusions of the EU leaders' summit, the bloc will agree on another Brexit delay, however, the exact date for the maximum delay will be still discussed on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, European Council President Donald Tusk suggested on Tuesday to the members of the European Council to discuss the possibility to put in place a new Brexit extension that will last up to one year.

"Our experience so far, as well as the deep divisions within the House of Commons, give us little reason to believe that the ratification process can be completed by the end of June. In reality, granting such an extension would increase the risk of a rolling series of short extensions and emergency summits, creating new cliff-edge dates…. I believe we should also discuss an alternative, longer extension. One possibility would be a flexible extension, which would last only as long as necessary and no longer than one year," Tusk said in his invitation letter to the members of the European Council ahead of their Wednesday's special meeting on Brexit.

He explained that the extension should last exactly up to one year, as beyond this date the European Council would have to "decide unanimously on some key European projects."

At the same time, UK House of Commons approved the plan of Prime Minister Theresa May to postpone the withdrawal from the European Union to June 30 from April 12.

The move was supported in a 420-110 vote.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has asked the European Union for a second short Brexit extension, this time until 30 June, as the first one, until 12 April, has not resulted in the deal being approved by the UK parliament.