French media reveals alleged identity of Lyon blast suspect as Algerian

# 12:21
28 May 2019

An explosion broke out on 24 May in downtown Lyon, France near a bakery at the intersection of Victor Hugo Street and Sala Street, near Bellecour Square, one of the city's attractions. More than 10 people were injured, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

According to the Parisien newspaper, the key suspect in the Lyon explosion case was identified as Mohamed Hichem M., 24, who came to France from Algeria.

French officials have yet to comment on the information.

The suspect, who was arrested on Monday, had been previously unknown to police prior to the 24 May incident, when a blast broke out in the French city of Lyon, injuring 10 people.

According to the French newspaper, in order to carry out an explosion, the man threw a parcel containing an explosive device at the door of the bakery, located in the centre of Lyon, as he passed by on a bicycle.

"He is in custody. But so far, he refuses to speak," a source close to the investigation told Parisien.