George Kent: “S-400 is a serious issue that Turkey and US so far have not agreed”

# 19:09
2 May 2019

The issue of announced Turkish purchase of S-400 from Russia is something that the US officials have been discussing intensely, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent said, ONA reports.

According to him,  the real challenge for us is that we see the S-400 as a threat to integrated information systems: “Our leading military officials have made it clear that the country cannot have both S-400 and F-35. The US has made its position very clear and Turkey has made its position very clear. We continue to have discussions with our ally Turkey – because we are allies in NATO – about the challenges that are posed by advanced system of S-400. But Turks themselves have suggested that any scenarios about sending S-400 to third countries are unfounded. It is a serious issue that Turkey and the US so far have not agreed. But we will continue to discuss this issue,” G. Kent added.