Libya's UN-backed PM says 800,000 migrants could reach Europe amid instability

# 14:03
16 April 2019

Libya's United Nations-backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj has said that there could be an influx of more than 800,000 migrants from his country into Europe if the instability in his country continues, ONA reports citing Sky News.

"The international community must pressurise these forces and call it by its name and pressurise them to go back to where they came from," he said.

"What's going to happen with this security breakdown is that 800,000 illegal migrants on Libyan ground will have to leave Libya and will cross the sea towards Europe," he said.

"Amongst these 800,000 there are terrorists and criminals. This will be disastrous".

"The world has abandoned Libya and left it to suffer on its own and a lot of things have become complicated. And I fear that's what's happening will happen again and the world will abandon Libya again and it will go into another dark tunnel.

"Some are trying to portray this conflict as one between east and west; trying to recruit the tribal loyalty of some to this conflict but this is not true."

"Whats happening now is a conflict between who wants a civilian democratic state with an army which is under the control of a political authority - and who wants a military rule and a totalitarian ruling."