Maduro Says 2 Suspects Detained on Country's Power System Sabotage Charges

# 07:23
12 March 2019

The Venezuelan authorities have detained two people on suspicion of attempted sabotage on the country's power system, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday evening, ONA reports quoting sputniknews.


"We have apprehended two people who attempted to sabotage the communications system at the Guri dam in order to impede the process of [power supplies] restoration. They are being questioned", Maduro said in his address to the Venezuelan people.


The Venezuelan president also opined that US President Donald Trump bore the most responsibility for the disruption of Venezuela's power grid system.


"Donald Trump is a key responsible person for the cyberattack on Venezuela's electricity system. He has said that all scenarios [with respect to Venezuela] were possible, and his marionettes and clowns in Venezuela itself echo him […] A high-tech cyberattack has been carried out against Venezuela, and only the US government has the technology [needed to carry out such an attack]", Maduro stated.


He added that the cyberattack had been localized and the relevant agencies were working to restore power supplies in the country. Guri, located in the Bolivar state on the Caroni River, is one of the largest dams in the world.



Venezuela's National Electric Power Corporation (Corpoelec) announced last week that an outage had been caused by an act of "deliberate sabotage" at the Guri dam. The subsequent blackout hit 21 out of the 23 states in Venezuela, leaving metro lines shut down and mobile services partially disrupted, local media reported. The power supply in the eastern part of the country has already been fully restored.