Man convinced to find penguin on Mars

# 12:55
13 April 2019

One amateur stargazer appears convinced he’s found a strangely familiar creature lurking on the surface of the red planet, ONA reports citing Mirror.

Steve Martin said he spent hours trawling through NASA images of Mars before he stumbled across the picture.

But strangely he claims to believe that the 'extra-terrestrial' sticking its head out from behind a rock is nothing other then a Humboldt penguin.

Humboldt penguins are typically found in South America and breed off the coasts of Chile and Peru.

Puzzled Steve told The Sun: “I’ve always thought there was life on Mars and now I think I might have proved it.

“I have spent hours looking at NASA images but I never thought I would find a penguin.

"I don’t know how it got up there but I hope NASA carefully study the picture and can work out how and why.”

The discovery caps off a big week for astronomers after the first pictures of a black hole were revealed.