Russia seeks to resume counterterrorism dialogue with US, EU

# 22:33
3 April 2019

Russia has been making efforts to resume counterterrorism dialogue with the United States and the European Union, calling on them to join the Federal Security Service’s database containing information on foreign militants, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily, ONA reports.

"We have resumed counterterrorism dialogue with the Americans despite their long-term efforts to refrain from it," he said. We are also working to resume dialogue with the EU, putting forward specific initiatives, particularly calling on them to join a database created by the FSB, which contains information on the movement of the so-called foreign terrorist militants," the Russian top diplomat added.

According to Lavrov, terrorists who fought in Syria have been driven out of the country by government forces and Syria’s allies, so they may emerge in other countries, namely in Malaysia and Indonesia. "It is very important to gather information about such people because it may help track them down," Lavrov emphasized. "It is important for us to prevent them from returning to Russia," he said.