Russian embassy in US sends note of protest on Butina case

# 17:54
3 May 2019

The Russian Embassy in the USA has sent a note of protest to the US State Department in relation to the US court verdict on Russian national Maria Butina’s case, ONA reports citing TASS.

"In relation to the unlawful court verdict, a note of protest has been sent to the [US] State Department. We demand the US officials to ensure the protection of rights and legal interests of our compatriot in accordance with international human rights norms," the Russian embassy stated.

The embassy added that Russian diplomats had visited Maria Butina in prison. "Despite the unjust and severe verdict issued on April 26, our compatriot endures the hardships of her prison sentence stoically and with dignity," the statement by the embassy says.

On April 26, a court in Washington sustained the prosecution’s request for sentencing Butina to 18 months behind bars. Judge Tanya Chutkan ignored the defense lawyers’ request that Butina should be sentenced to a term equal to the period she had already spent in custody.