Russian MFA: US Embassy Employee tried to carry mortar shell in luggage at Moscow airport

# 16:43
9 March 2019

The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced that it expects the US Department of State to explain the actions of one of its employees after a mortar shell was found in the luggage of a US embassy worker in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport,  ONA reports citing TASS.

Following the discovery of a mortar shell in the luggage belonging to a US embassy employee at the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry described this incident as an attempt to stage a provocation.

"It seems that the United States is trying to test Russia’s security capabilities not just from without, by regularly sending their warships and aircraft on provocative raids near our borders, but from within as well, even by using their embassy employees", the ministry officials told Sputnik.

The ministry said that the embassy worker might've been trying to sneak the ordnance into the airport deliberately, adding that they expect the US Department of State to explain the actions of their employee.