To participate in the EU elections is UK's obligation in case of a longer extension - EP

To participate in the EU elections is UK
# 10 April 2019 17:34 (UTC +04:00)

A no deal exit would be detrimental to the citizens and the economy and should be avoided, European Parliament stated, ONA reports citing the statement released by the European Parliament.

Statement by the Conference of Presidents and the Brexit Steering Group of the European Parliament in preparation of the European Council of 10 April 2019.

According to the statement of the Parliament, the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, affecting citizens and businesses, needs to end.

The European Parliament said that a swift and positive outcome of the ongoing cross-party dialogue will be welcomed, and an upgrading of the political declaration, that could include participation in either the customs union or the single market, in full compliance with EU principles - indivisibility of the four freedoms, integrity of the single market and autonomy of EU decision-making will be supported.

"We believe, therefore, that when Prime Minister May comes to the European Council today she cannot come empty handed. We expect the Prime Minister to indicate what are the prospects of the cross-party talks between the Government and the Labour Party and their anticipated results and whether a solid parliamentary majority in support of such an agreement exists. If not, she should indicate clearly the way forward (be it a referendum, a general election, or a revocation)," the statement read.

The European Parliament called on the European Council to provide the UK with an extension which should be appropriately framed to respect the principle of sincere cooperation and under no circumstance allow the Withdrawal Agreement to be reopened or negotiations on the future relations initiated.

"Brexit should not distract the EU from addressing the challenges it faces. It is the obligation of the UK, in case of a longer extension, to participate in the EU elections. In these circumstances, while fully respecting the rights of all its Members, the Parliament will at all times preserve its integrity, efficiency and dignity," the Parliament said in its statement.