To remain in the Customs Union makes a total nonsense of the referendum result - Boris Johnson

# 14:20
8 April 2019

Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has promised that Tory MPs will not allow Prime Minister Theresa May to yield to a soft Brexit despite her attempts to clinch such an agreement with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, ONA reports.

"To agree to be non-voting members of the EU, under the surrender proposed by Jeremy Corbyn — it cannot, must not and will not happen”, Johnson underscored in his article published in the Daily Telegraph.

Referring to Corbyn, Johnson berated May for meeting “a man who still believes in the precepts of Bolivarian revolutionary socialism”.

“So it seems utterly incredible that he has now been invited into Downing Street to negotiate a Brexit deal.  And it is doubly incredible that the government is – so we are told — willing to accede to his terms”, the former foreign secretary noted.

Johnson warned that the Tories acceding to Corbyn’s demands on a customs union would mean that they would be “tearing up a promise made thousands of times in parliament and elsewhere”.

“If the UK were to commit to remaining in the Customs Union, it would make a total and utter nonsense of the referendum result. We would be out of the EU, but in many ways still run by the EU”, Johnson pointed out, adding that he does not “really believe the appalling news” about all this.