Trump: "If I were Boeing, I would rebrand the plane"

# 15:07
15 April 2019

"If I were Boeing, I would rebrand the plane 737 MAX,"  U.S. President Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter account, ONA reports.

"What do I know about branding, maybe nothing (but I did become President!), but if I were Boeing, I would fix the Boeing 737 MAX, add some additional great features, and rebrand the plane with a new name. No product has suffered like this one. But again, what the hell do I know?", Trump wrote.

Note that two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have crashed over the past six months — one in Indonesia in October and another in Ethiopia in March. In the wake of the latest crash, aviation authorities and carriers around the world have either grounded all 737 MAX 8 series aircraft or closed their airspace to them.