UN Security Council convenes to discuss Venezuela crisis

# 19:05
10 April 2019

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is convening on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing political crisis in Venezuela, ONA reports citing Sputnik International.

In March, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) rejected both US and Russian resolutions on Venezuela. The US resolution, vetoed by Russia, China and South Africa, called for holding a new presidential election in the Latin American country under international supervision.

The Russian resolution reaffirmed the right of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government to coordinate aid deliveries to the Latin American country.

Venezuela is currently in a tumultuous political and economic crisis, which escalated on 5 January, when lawmaker Juan Guaido was elected as the president of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, which all other government branches have been refusing to recognise since 2016.

On 23 January, two days after the Venezuelan Supreme Court annulled his election, Guaido declared himself the country's "interim president." Maduro, who was sworn in for his second presidential term on 10 January after winning the May election, which part of the opposition boycotted, described Guaido's move as an attempt to stage a coup orchestrated by Washington.