US actions deteriorate situation in Venezuela - Moscow

# 04:11
1 May 2019

 The US administration’s actions and aggressive rhetoric on Venezuela have caused the situation there to deteriorate, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Maria Zakharova told reporters on Tuesday amid an attempted military coup in the Latin American country, ONA reports quoting sputniknews.

“We have been saying since the beginning of the crisis in Venezuela that the threat to use force, Washington’s aggressive rhetoric… and actions that the world is watching are unacceptable because they led to the deterioration of the situation. But in Washington, politicians… do not see the catastrophic situation that they put the country into,” Zakharova said. “The situation is deteriorating.”

She added, “Russia has always been taking the position of non-intervention in domestic affairs of the government, avoiding regime change, especially using force for this.”

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido urged Venezuelan civilians and servicemen earlier in the day to take to the streets to help depose legitimate President Nicolas Maduro.