US: Tornado in Oklahoma kills 2, injures several

# 23:53
26 May 2019

A destructive tornado has caused two fatalities and several injuries in U.S. state of Oklahoma, ONA reports quoting Anadolu Agency. 

The tornado destroyed a hotel and damaged a mobile home park in the city of El Reno on Saturday overnight, Mayor Matt White said at a press conference early Sunday.

"We have absolutely experienced a traumatic event," said White, adding several people were rushed to hospitals in Oklahoma City, but did not give an exact number.

After midnight, another confirmed tornado tore through the southern Tulsa metro area.

The mayor did not give details about the people who were killed.

Last week, at least three people were killed when severe storms and at least one tornado tore through Missouri, leaving mass destruction in their wake.

In late May 2013, El Reno was struck by the widest tornado on record, which killed eight people and injured 150 others.