APA Holding and Iran’s Nasle Farda sign cooperation agreement

APA Holding and Iran’s Nasle Farda sign cooperation agreement
# 30 October 2017 09:52 (UTC +04:00)

APA Holding has signed an agreement on cooperation with Iran’s Nasle Farda (Future Generation) press agency.


The agreement was signed by President of APA Holding Vusala Mahirqizi and Deputy Director General of Nasle Farda Ali Sharif Manesh in the Iranian city of Isfahan.  


The cooperation agreement provides for the organization of mutual visits of delegations from both media agencies for the conduct of an exchange of experience. In addition, the parties will conduct an exchange of news, photos and videos in the line with the agreement.


Nasle Farda press agency was established 26 year ago. The agency also publishes a newspaper throughout the country, a separate newspaper in Isfahan, a weekly sports magazine, a monthly tourism magazine, titled Sepah Gardeshgari, and one more magazine dedicated to the healthcare sector.


Following the signing ceremony, Vusala Mahirqizi gave detailed information on the activities of APA Holding.


She said that the culture of Azerbaijan and Iran have similar points.


“Isfahan as a center of tourism is very important for us. We attach great importance to cooperation with your organization based in Isfahan, the tourism center of Iran,” Mahirqizi noted.


The APA Holding president pointed out an increase in the number of tourists traveling from Iran to Azerbaijan.


Mahirqizi said that the Azerbaijani people like to travel, and Iran is particularly attractive for them.


 “However, in some cases people cannot decide where to travel. Bilateral cooperation and dissemination of information in this area will help prevent such cases,” she added.


The deputy director general of Nasle Farda praised the signing of a cooperation agreement with a media organization like APA Holding.


“We came to the decision that APA is a good choice for joint cooperation. We will continue cooperation with international media outlets,” he added.


In the end, the APA Holding president signed the guest book of the Iranian agency.  


President of APA Holding will deliver a speech at a conference of media directors to be held at a university operating under Iran's state television today. She is also expected to address the International Press Exhibition that is underway in Tehran.