Azerbaijani parliament to discuss amendments to rules on sponsorship advertising in media - UPDATED

# 14:40
20 April 2018

Azerbaijani Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights on Friday discussed the proposed amendment to the Law “On Mass Media” based on the recent amendment made to the Law “On Advertising”.


The parliament’s department head, Mirhashim Seyidov, gave information about the draft law on amendment at the meeting, chaired by Human Rights Committee Head Bahar Muradova, APA reports.  


President of APA Holding Vusala Mahirgizi, who joined the discussion as an expert, said that when the draft amendment to the Law “On Advertising” came up on the agenda, they made proposals.


"We are glad that parliament factored in these proposals. The amendments under discussion are absolutely necessary. It is quite justifiable that those engaging in the production or sale of goods banned from being advertised can not be sponsors because it is really wrong to have sponsor companies offering alcoholic drinks and tobacco products, which are prohibited to advertise,” she said.


Mahirgizi also welcomed the change in the placement of trademarks, the names and logos of advertisers and sponsors in announcements published in periodical press releases.


"However, there is a need to add to this draft law a special highlight of the press releases of advertising character,” she added.


Mahirgizi stated that the amendment proposed to Article 45 (Unreasonable, inaccurate and hidden advertising is rejected in accordance with the requirements of the Law “On advertising”) does not actually have an operating mechanism.


"The issue is that the media is not responsible for the ad’s content and form. What should the media deny in such cases? On the other hand, during the public discussion of the Law “On Advertising”, I noted that the term “unreasonable ad” is incorrect. Because advertising spreads by paying funds and the advertiser has the right to make a better presentation from its competitors and to state better quality and benefits. This is what the purpose of an ad is. That is why this phrase was not successfully selected. Hidden ads are ads that can not be determined as ads,” she added.


Mahirgizi generally positively assessed the draft law.


MPs Fazil Mustafa, Hikmat Mammadov and Elman Nasirov also underlined the importance of considering Mahirgizi's proposals.


Bahar Muradova said the draft law is consistent with the amendments made to the Law “On Advertising.”


The draft law was recommended for consideration at the parliament’s plenary session.






Azerbaijani Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights on Friday discussed proposed amendments to the Law “On Mass Media.”


According to the draft amendments, the second sentence of the first part of Article 21 (Mass Media Sponsorship) shall be amended as follows: “People engaging in the production and sale of goods are banned from being advertised under the law on advertisement can not be sponsors.


The current version of the sentence is as follows: "Sponsorship of producers and sellers of products banned from being advertised is not permitted." The fifth part of the article shall be amended to read as follows: "The sponsor must publish information in the periodical press releases. Placement of trademarks, advertisers, sponsors' names and logo in announcements (announcements) published in periodicals is considered as advertising.”


The current version of the part reads as follows: "The sponsor must publish information in the periodical press releases, indicating the company's logo at the beginning or end of the programs or using subtitles or the dictator text. In the contract signed between the parties, the announcement of the sponsor can also be determined by another method.”


At the same time, the following paragraph is added to the article: "The sponsor's ad is published according to the law on advertisement.


Under the draft, the following shall be added to Article 45 of the Law: "unfair, inaccurate and secret advertising shall be denied in accord with the requirements of the law on advertisement.”


President of APA Holding Vusala Mahirgizi also attended the meeting as an expert.