Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes re-imposes tax sanction on Turan news agency

# 09:31
19 September 2017

The Department of Local Incomes of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Taxes in Baku has re-imposed the tax sanction of 2014-2017 on Turan News Agency.


Turan News Agency said in a statement that on Sept. 18, it received an e-mail dated Sept. 15 from the Ministry of Taxes which states that the agency owes a debt of 27,253 manats and additional 9.294 manats of interest.  


Earlier, on Sept. 12, the Department of Local Incomes of the Ministry of Taxes in a letter dated Sept. 11 stated to the agency that it had no tax-related debts or penalty sanction.


After the lifting of the tax sanction, the arrest on the agency’s accounts was lifted. Now, after the re-imposition of the sanction, the agency’s accounts are expected to be put under arrest again.


On Aug. 25, Turan News Agency Director Mehman Aliyev was arrested on charges of illegal entrepreneurship, tax evasion and abuse of power. On September, a measure of restraint in relation to Mehman Aliyev was changed, and he was released from prison.