Azerbaijani MP urges some local media outlets not to succumb to Armenian provocations

# 14:28
28 February 2017

Azerbaijani MP, Chairman of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov has urged some media outlets not to succumb to Armenian provocations.


Speaking to APA, the MP accused some local media outlets of succumbing to Armenian provocations and helping the enemy reach its goal.


Amashov was commenting on the statement of protest made by the Press Council in relation to the dissemination by some local news websites of the Armenian-prepared video footage showing some Azerbaijani soldiers lying dead.  


According to him, the Azerbaijani have also been affected by the provocation committed by the Armenian army on the night from February 24 to 25.


“Our observations give ground to say that some news websites seem to be created for a period of tension and are of seasonal character. There were also several websites which admitted to acting in haste in order to gain popularity in any form,” he added.

Amashov stressed that media should serve as a means of generating public enthusiasm in times of war.


The Press Council chairman once again urged journalists to treat the question delicately.


He went on to say that the relevant bodies have already been appealed with regard to the activities of these media outlets.  


“The issue will be seriously investigated. Such media outlets will be brought to justice. No one should doubt it,” he said.