Azerbaijani president approves amendments to law on TV and radio broadcasting

# 12:44
12 December 2016

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed an order on application of the law, dated 28 Oct. 2016, on making amendments to the law on TV and radio broadcasting.


Article 12-1 in the following context has been added to the law.


“Article 12-1. Making public statements about special operations against religious extremism


12-1.1. Activities of mass media workers in the area of special operation religious extremism shall be determined by the agency conducting the operation.


12-1.2. Public statements about the special operation against religious extremism shall be made in the form and volume determined by the agency conducting the operation.


12-1.3. Dissemination of the types of information mentioned in Law 9.3 of the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on combating religious extremism is inadmissible.”