Ministry of Taxes lifts tax sanction against Turan agency

# 08:29
16 September 2017

Baku City Taxes Department of the Ministry of Taxes has lifted an additional tax sanction in the amount of AZN 37,000 against Turan Information Agency for 2014-2016, APA reported.
The Department has made the decision based on the results of the cameral inspection and informed the agency with an official letter.


Based on the results a raid conducted by the Ministry of Taxes in the office of Turan News Agency in order to investigate the existence of tax risks and cases of tax evasion, the Department for the Preliminary Investigation of Tax Crimes has initiated a criminal case under Article 213.1 (tax evasion) of the Criminal Code.


The investigation found out that Turan News Agency director Mehman Aliyev, having abused his powers and assumed the responsibility for keeping records of the financial and economic activities of the agency, violated the requirements of Azerbaijan’s law “On grants”.


In addition, there were reasonable suspicions that Mehman Aliyev being engaged in illegal entrepreneurial activity by obtaining great amount of money, that is illegal income in the amount of 148,310 manats on the unregistered grant contracts in 2010-2014 caused significant damage to the interests of the state, and avoided paying to the state budget the profit tax in the amount of 60,080 manats by including distorted information to the income tax returns submitted to the tax authority in 2010-2016.