President Ilham Aliyev receives “Friend of Journalists” award

# 13:27
20 July 2017

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received the “Friend of Journalists” award.


The award was presented to the president by Aflatun Amashov, chairman of the Azerbaijani Press Council, at the ceremony of presenting apartments to journalists on the occasion of the National Press Day in another building built for journalists, APA reported.


On the basis of a survey among Azerbaijani media outlets, President Ilham Aliyev was honored with the “Friend of Journalists” award for his consistent policy aimed at ensuring freedoms of speech and the press in the country, promotion of the independence of mass media, strengthening material-technical base, strengthening the social protection of journalists, and improving their housing conditions.


The Press Council and the Committee for Protection of Journalists “Ruh” announced the survey among media outlets from June 20 to July 15 for the presentation of the “Friend of Journalists” award. To this end, a working group has been set up by the Press Council.


The winner of the award was chosen by representatives of famous television, radio, newspapers, magazines, information agencies, internet information sources and journalistic organizations which influence public opinion.


The “Friend of Journalists” award was established in 1998 by the Committee for Protection of Journalists “Ruh” with the aim of promoting and developing freedom of speech and the press in the society and assisting in strengthening relations of state agencies, public unions and political parties with the media.