Press Council appeals to internet information resources

# 12:20
28 February 2017

The Press Council of Azerbaijan has appealed to the internet information resources.


APA presents the appeal


“Several servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces were killed while preventing provocations of the Armenian army along the contact line of troops on Feb. 26. As is known, the Armenian authorities and military circles, remaining faithful to its insidious nature and nefarious intensions, were initially creating obstacles to the recovery of the bodies of the killed Azerbaijani soldiers. Armenia’s video footage showing some soldiers lying dead was prepared in this period. 


The video footage was aimed at causing fear among the Azerbaijani public. Unfortunately, some Internet information resources as well as individual users of social networks share this video by taking a sentimental approach to the issue.


It should be taken into consideration that many citizens of us have children, brothers or relatives who are serving at the frontline. It is not hard to imagine the grief they experienced after watching this video. And the Armenian authorities aim to touch upon hard feelings and sow distrust among the Azerbaijani people.


The Press Council once again urges online information resources and social network uses not to disseminate the video footage disseminated by Armenia. Also, the Council recommends media outlets and legal entities and individuals acting as media, stay away the trends that may and are likely to lead to discouragement in the society, and treat sensitively.”