Assistant to Azerbaijani President: "Strikes from Armenian territory are a provocation and we know the purpose"

# 14:16
4 October 2020

"All relevant structures of Ganja are working, work is being done to eliminate the consequences of the incident", said Assistant of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev at today's briefing, APA reports.

Showing the unexploded ordnance fallen to the road Mr Hajiyev said it was a missile fired from SMERCH systems: “Instead of success, achieved by Armenia on the battlefield, Armenia applies such provocations. I have contacted friends in Ganja, Terter, all are at their houses. Yesterday all of us were glad. Azerbaijani Army liberated territories, which were previously called Madagiz and now Sugovushan, in the difficult mountainous conditions under the leadership of Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Armenia takes such measures cowardly. However, Azerbaijani people should be sure that legitimate military targets in occupied territories are destroyed. As for the strikes from the territory of Armenia, it is a provocation and we know what it serves. Today, they are gathering foreign media and allegedly giving false information about the fires in Khankendi. Around Khankendi, there were SMERCH systems used to hit the city of Tartar, which were destroyed. The leader of the so-called "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic" Araik Harutyunyan is giving false information to the Armenian people. He escaped and hid in a bunker, not in the front, but still could not escape, was seriously injured. Like him, war criminals and separatists will suffer the same fate."

Hajiyev also stressed that Armenian provocations could always take place until the Armenian armed forces are withdrawn from the occupied territories.

He wished success to the Azerbaijani Army, which is fighting hard on the front.

Nagorno Garabagh