Azerbaijani President: “After the ceasefire, Armenians attacked Hadrut three times and were defeated three times”

# 17:53
16 October 2020

“This is their tactic,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in an interview with Turkish A Haber TV channel, APA reports.

President Ilham Aliyev noted that Armenia was the one who wanted a ceasefire: “When they saw that they could no longer protect and save the occupied territories on the battlefield, they called for a ceasefire, and we also received such an appeal. As you know, Russia has taken over this mission. We also said that a ceasefire could be declared for humanitarian purposes, swapping of hostages, exchange of bodies however at the same time, the statement of Moscow said that discussions on the essence should be resumed. The format of discussions should also remain unchangeable, but it is seen that they have wanted to use the ceasefire. They organized this traitorous attack on Ganja city within less than a day after the ceasefire. Then they started shelling our other cities. In fact, they grossly violated this ceasefire. That is why it is their tactic. The ceasefire is seemed to be necessary for them to gather their forces, take mobilization measures, and organize a new attack on us. Because they wanted to take Hadrut settlement under control again for 3 times after the ceasefire. They attacked there 3 times. But they were defeated in all three times. Their intention is to return territories again, which have been lost and do not belong to them, and so to continue their aggressive policy."

Nagorno Garabagh