Azerbaijani President: “I am sure that if negotiations are restored, this schedule will be given to us”

# 14:20
14 October 2020

“We were not been given any schedule at the Moscow meeting. We also did not insist on more. Because the articles in the Moscow agreement that satisfy us and meet our interests ensured us," said President Ilham Aliyev in his interview with Haber Turk TV channel on October 13, APA reports.

The head of state noted that the reason for the long-lasting Moscow discussions was the proposal to include unacceptable clauses in the agreement: “I should state that the reason for long-lasting Moscow discussions was some articles that were not acceptable to us had to be included in that agreement. We were unaware of it. When our FM came to Moscow and already sat on the discussion table both ministers were given suggestions. Of course, I was contacted and we were regularly in contact. I have said my conditions. Any agreement was not possible outside of those conditions. Therefore, taking into account the situation, we softened a bit of our position regarding the schedule. However, it does not mean that this schedule will not be presented. It will be. It will be in the discussion period. That statement said that discussions are being resumed - on the basis of the basic principles, ie the Madrid principles… This confirms the returning of Azerbaijani lands. At the same time, the format of negotiations remains unchanged.

In other words, the negotiations will be carried out between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Attendance of any representative of “Nagorno Garabagh republic” in these negotiations is not a subject of discussion. It satisfied us. Our assumption was that negotiations would begin immediately and that a schedule would be provided to us within the framework of these negotiations. This cannot be a very long time. We have waited for 30 years. The patience of the Azerbaijani people has already been exhausted. I am sure that if negotiations have resumed this schedule will be given to us. However, Armenia's violation of this agreement shows that their intention is simply to gain time and continue their attacks against Azerbaijan.

Nagorno Garabagh