Cavusoglu: "We should cooperate with Azerbaijan more than anyone else, in military field"

# 12:54
30 September 2020

“If Armenia had not received support from other countries, the West and even Russia, it would not have found this courage today,” said Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Movlud Cavusoglu in an interview with Anadolu Agency, APA reports.

The Minister noted that today, Turkey has cooperation with other countries in the field of defense industry, military, as well as with Azerbaijan: “Even, we should cooperate with Azerbaijan more than anyone else. To date, Azerbaijan has taken the necessary measures to strengthen the combat capability of its Army and liberate its lands from occupation. Azerbaijan has imported defense industry equipment from us or another country. This is the most natural right of Azerbaijan”

The Head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry emphasized that Armenia illegally relocates Armenians brought from the Middle East in the occupied territories.

He added that the unresolved Nagorno Garabagh conflict benefits Armenia.

Nagorno Garabagh