Erdogan: "Azerbaijan one by one liberates its territories ferociously occupied by Armenia"

# 12:03
8 October 2020

"The occupation of some Azerbaijani territories including Nagorno-Karabakh, which was committed genocide by Armenia, has been going on for about 30 years. Encouraged by the international community's silence over the genocide and occupation for years, Armenia continues its new aggression against the civilian population," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, APA reports quoting Hurriyet newspaper.

He said that is why Azerbaijan has launched a counter-offensive to liberate its occupied territories and one by one liberates its territories ferociously occupied by Armenia: "From now on, Turkey, as previously, will continue to stand by the Azerbaijani state, people in their just struggle acting as “One nation, two states”. We will continue with all our potentials our support provided to our Azerbaijani brothers. The states, international organizations that rhetorically come up with the initiative for solution of this regional problem, regrettably, couldn’t solve this problem up to now. The behavior of these states and organizations has resulted in Armenia’s becoming naughty and starting of new occupational activity. The requirements of the UN resolutions and international law should be implemented for the solution of the Garabagh conflict. Armenia not refraining from demonstrating aggressive and hostile behavior against the Turkish people at any opportunity is the greatest obstacle to peace, stability in the region."

According to him, Armenia is interested in the creation of a large hot point of conflict in the region: “Latest processes showed who is really in favor of peace. The international community should see these realities, ignore biased standards, which is applied for years, and end the existence of Armenia in the Azerbaijani territories.”