French lawyer calls Armenia’s shelling on Ganja a war crime

# 18:37
22 April 2021

“We have come here on the invitation of the Azerbaijani embassy in France,” said French lawyer Yassine Yakouti while visiting the territories shelled by Armenia in Ganja, APA’s local bureau reports.

He noted that their purpose is to conduct a detailed investigation: “We evaluate based on what we have seen and events and what we have seen is already considered a war crime. Our main goal is to conduct a detailed investigation, to find out who shelled, where, and how. After this, we can precisely evaluate the whole process. This is an attack conducted against civilians. What really surprises us is the shelling of Ganja located far from the war zone. Why were civilians and civilian facilities targeted? 

According to the place we saw, what we saw, I can surely say that, as a result, these are war crimes. As lawyers, by our side, we will try our best to help the population of Ganja in finding a legal solution to the issue.”