French lawyer in Agdam: “Europeans should come here and see everything with their own eyes”

# 15:37
22 April 2021

“It is very important that we are here. Embassy of Azerbaijan to France had shown the reality of this war and the volume of destruction. The purpose of our visit here is also to learn official opinions, position. We hope that our visit will be efficient for Azerbaijanis too,” said French lawyer,  Elise Arfi who is on a visit in Agdam, APA reports.

She noted that as a leading country France is neutral and the importance to look at the position of both sides instead of pleasing one side: “France should also see the reality of this war. What we see here is so sad, it is very difficult to see the destruction. When you think that people have lived in this city, here and what they have done during this war, it is so hard”.

Mrs. Lawyer noted that it is a very important factor to see these with our own eyes: “We see all of these with our eyes and maybe, we may give any contribution to the opinion formed in France. In my opinion, Europeans should also come to these places like us, see everything with their own eyes and understand that how the situation really is”.