Hikmat Hajiyev: "Azerbaijan reserves right to respond adequately to military targets"

# 17:16
3 October 2020

Armenia continues to shell Azerbaijan’s residential areas with heavy artillery, said Assistant to President Hikmat Hajiyev, APA reports.

He said that this demonstrates that Armenia is unaware of any values and civil behavior: “We appealed to public and international organizations in this regard that protection of civilians and civilian facilities in world condition is the demand of international humanitarian law and Geneva convention. However, Armenia demonstrates at every step that it is a state beyond that. It organizes attacks against the cities of Azerbaijan, civilian facilities, and persons. Demonstrating very high ethical and moral values the Republic of Azerbaijan carries out operations only against selected military targets on the basis of international law. Their neutralization is ensured. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces continue an effective, efficient, and peace enforcement operation in all directions of the front line. The purpose here is to ensure the liberation of Azerbaijani lands from the occupation.”

H. Hajiyev noted that Armenia uses rocket technology: “We strongly condemn it, the Republic of Azerbaijan fully reserves the right to adequately respond to legitimate military targets. "

Nagorno Garabagh