Ilham Aliyev: We are strongly against this conflict, to transform into a regional

# 12:41
3 October 2020

"I think there is no ground for that and we are strongly against this conflict, to transform into a regional. That’s what Armenia wants to do. Therefore, they invent fake news about some external support to Azerbaijan. But at the same time, they are asking for external support for themselves. That’s why I have the feelings that the main target now when they suffer a very serious defeat on the battle field, they want to make this conflict regional but I am sure that the countries which you mentioned will never allow it to happen. Because security in our region is in the interests of all the regional countries and among those countries which you mention - Turkey, Russia, Iran are regional countries,President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in an interview to Al Jazeera TV channel, APA reports.

Azerbaijani President said that ther countries they have nothing to do here in the region: "And they are not regional countries. They have the mandate, to facilitate the negotiations because that happened in 1992. We are not responsible, me personally for this composition of the Minsk-Group. If we decided today about the composition of any Contact Group which could facilitate peace, of course composition would have been completely different. I don’t want now to specify, but some countries would not have place in those group because of their biased behavior. So, we need to do everything, especially the regional countries, to stay away from the conflict, not to interfere in any sense to the conflict and give the signal to Armenia: Stop occupation! Stop occupation and then you will see the benefits. Then you will integrate with the regional economic, investments, energy, transportation projects, which Armenian leadership for many years deprived Armenians from because of this aggression. So we need to do everything that this conflict stops as soon as possible, the resolution is found as soon as possible. We are not in the position to listen to statements or stop it and we will work, we will negotiate, we will help. We heard it many times, we don’t have time to wait another 30 years. The conflict must be resolved now. Those who want to help Armenia, their so-called close partners, let them help by telling them ‘leave the territories’, ‘demonstrate your will’, ‘stop firing’, tell that ‘today or tomorrow only one week I will leave Aghdam, ‘next time, next week I will leave Fuzuli, next week I will leave Kalbajar’ etc. and we will stop. So, this is a very fair position, this is a position aimed at peace not at war."

Nagorno Garabagh