Iranian MP rejects news on Iran's sending weapon to Armenia

Iranian MP rejects news on Iran
# 14 September 2020 12:06 (UTC +04:00)

"We resolutely reject rumors on Iran's sending weapon to Armenia", Deputy Chairman of Commission for Internal Affairs of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Hassan Asafari told APA's Tehran correspondent.

He said that sending any weapon to the sides of the conflict aims at triggering the war: "We have not sent even a Kalashnikov to the sides of the conflict so far. Especially, sending a weapon to Armenia is out of the question."

He noted that Iran is in favor of establisment of peace and stability in the region, Caspian-littoral countries, and the Middle East. "Iran does its best and tries for establishment of unity among regional nations. Iran considers that if there is any war in the region today, all the Caspian-littoral states will suffer from damage."

Asafari noted that Iran is ready to be a moderator between Azerbaijan and Armenia: "If the sides agree, it is ready for holding discussions in Tehran or any third country, which the sides want."


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