Simon Kopadze: "There is no sovereign state called Armenia"

# 18:50
28 September 2020

"I can say with confidence that in reality there is no sovereign state called Armenia, it is just a state ruled by another state," Georgian political scientist Simon Kopadze told APA's Georgia bureau.

According to him, neither the participation of the PKK and other terrorist groups in provocations against Azerbaijan in the Caucasus nor the events on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border are decisions that Armenia can make on its own: "The Soviet Union played an important role in the establishment of the PKK terrorist organization. This terrorist organization is still actively used by those circles against Turkey and other countries. I think that the entry of its members into the Caucasus is the initiative of those circles, and the Armenians are simply carrying out a task in this process. I do not think that Armenia is acting alone in resettling Armenians living abroad in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Some regional powers have prepared a provocation against Azerbaijan for its important position in energy markets. I am sure that members of terrorist groups such as the PKK and ASALA have been brought to the region. It seems that they have been preparing for provocation for a long time."

Simon Kopadze said that by trying to resettle Armenians from Lebanon and Syria in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, Armenia and separatist forces have proved their intention to continue the policy of aggression against Azerbaijan.

"Azerbaijan's current struggle is completely justified," he said.