The NGOs of Azerbaijan appealed to Russian United States, French presidents and to the public of these states

# 22:24
11 October 2020

The NGOs of Azerbaijan appealed to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin,  President of the United States of America Donald Trump, President of France Emmanuel Macron and to the public of the Russian Federation, the United States and France. 


The appeal readsWe appeal to you as NGOs defending the rights of children and women in Azerbaijan.

As known, a trilateral meeting of the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov and the Foreign Minister of Armenia Zohrab Mnatsakanyan was held in Moscow on October 9, 2020 on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin to declare a humanitarian ceasefire.

After a meeting that lasted about 11 hours, an agreement was reached consisting of following 4 points:

1. To declare a ceasefire for humanitarian purposes starting from 12 p.m. on October 10 for the exchange of the prisoners of war, other people detained and bodies of those killed, with the mediation and in accordance with the criteria of the International Committee of the Red Cross;

2. Further parameters of the ceasefire will be agreed upon additionally;

3. The Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, with the mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, on the basis of the fundamental principles of the settlement, are launching substantive negotiations with the aim of achieving early peaceful resolution;

4. Thesidesreiteratetheinalterabilityoftheformatofthepeaceprocess.

However, unfortunately, the Armenian side, in violation of all the provisions of the agreement signed, in accordance with its hypocritical and aggressive nature, continues to subject the frontline regions and villages, as well as the cities of Azerbaijan situated far away from the conflict zone, to heavy artillery and missile fire, grossly violating the ceasefire agreement.

The most regrettable is that on October 11, at around 4 AM, the second largest city of Azerbaijan with a population of more than 500,000 people, located 80 km from the front line, was shelled by the political-military leadership od Armenia.

As a result of this barbaric and atrocious attack of Armenia, 3 residential buildings were destroyed, more than 7 civilians were killed and more than 33 were injured. Among the dead were children and women. This crime of Armenia is another act of genocide after Khojaly committed against peaceful and innocent Azerbaijanis.

Armenia's open attack on the civilian population of Azerbaijan after the ceasefire’s entering into force, as well as the killing and wounding of dozens of people is an unprecedented baseness and crime. With this criminal act, Armenia has once again proved that it has never complied with the agreements reached and the documents it signed. On the other hand, Armenia's rocket fire on Ganja also shows that the occupying country, as in previous years, still ignores your position and call of the world community, specifically the co-chairs, continuing to grossly violate all international conventions. The only reason for this is that Armenia has so far gone unpunished and no international sanctions have been imposed on the occupying country.

We, the undersigned NGOs working for the protection of children's and women's rights, call on you and the civil society institutions of your countries to take serious steps against Armenia, which hypocritically violated the ceasefire and killed many innocent children and women, and stop the aggressor.

You, the countries responsible for resolution of the conflict, cannot remain indifferent to the fact that Armenia has committed such a gross and blatant war crime in front of the whole world. Your indifference to this aggression against Azerbaijan will be assessed as your open disrespect for human values, international obligations and international humanitarian law.

We hope that the public of the United States, the Russian Federation and France will also strongly condemn this crime against humanity committed by Armenia and demand that their countries’ leaders punish Armenia.

Note: Please find enclosed the photographs of the destruction caused by the October 11 missile attack of Armenia.

Signed by:

1."Support for children with leukemia" PU, Bakhshaliyeva Khoshgadam;

2."Integration of children and youth with disabilities in sports" PU, Mammadova Aynur;

3."Aran" PU for healthy future of children, Huseynov Ibrahim;

4.“Himaye” Children's Public Union, Umudova Matanat;

5."Intellect" PU for children and youth, Abbasov Rashad;

6."Gizlar Bulaghi" Charitable Foundation for Training and Education of Children, Adolescents and Young Girls, Aladdinov Muzaffar;


8.“Healthy Life” Mother and Child Care Public Union, Safikhanli Aytan;

9."Social and Moral Support for Children of Orphans and Low-Income Families" PU, Ahmed Tarana;

10. "SOS Children's Villages - Azerbaijan" Association Public Union, Huseynov Rashad; 11."Loving Mother" PU for children, Ahmadov Natig;

12.Young Mother and Child Education Public Union, Mammadova Nigar;

13.Women and Children's Problems Research Public Union, Guliyeva Samaya; 14."Umman" Public Union for the care of disabled children, Mammadova Shukufa; 15."Faith and Hope" PU in support of disabled children, Hasanov Farman;

16.“Rural Development” Children and Youth Public Union, Musayev Vasif;

17."Aytam" children's cultural enlightenment PU, Zamanova Aygun;

18.“Support to Children in Need of Special Care” Public Union, Aliyev Salam; 19."Trust - psychological support for children and youth" PU, Bashirova Shalala; 20."Origami" children and youth PU, Najafov Namig;

21.PU "Help to Orphans", Abbasova Malahat;

22."Maternal and child health center" PU, Mammadova Farida;

23."Gulustan" Public Union for Assistance to Orphans and Women, Vafa Aktuz; 24."Support to Children and Adolescents" PU, Abdulov Farhad;

25.Public Union for Support of Children and Youth "For Justice and Development",

Nurana Karimova;

26.Public Union "Support for Children Deprived of Parental Care", Huseynova Mehriban; 27.Public Union "World of children and student youth", Jafarov Tural;

28."Assistance to children and youth deprived of parental care" Public Union, Zaur


29."Azerbaijan League for the Protection of Children's Rights" PU, Bakirov Yusif; 30."Care" Public Union for the Protection of Children's Rights, Safarov Intigam; 31."Moral Support" Children and Youth Public Union, Arzu Orujov;

32."Social Protection of Orphans" PU, Isayeva Lamiya;

33."Small World" Public Union for Children's Awareness, Ibrahimova Nigar; 34.Azerbaijan Children's Fund, Maharramov Agil;

35."The World" Mother and Children's Public Union, Aliyeva Dunyakhanim;

36."Chirag" Child Development Center Public Union, Hajiyeva Zeynab;

37."Assistance to children in need of special care and their families" PU, Karimova


38."Support to Child and Youth Development" Public Union, Jafarova Aygun; 39."Women and Children's Social Security" Public Union, Dadashova Firuza;

40.“Buta” PU for Support of Children and Adolescents with Special Needs, Agamali


41.“El Gayghisi" Public Union for Assistance to Children Deprived of Parental Care,

Guliyev Elnur;

42.Public Union "For the Future of Children", Guliyeva Konul;

43."Support to innovative education of women and children" PU, Zulfugarova Aynur; 44."Support to migrant children" PU, Mammadova Fatma;

45."Azerbaijan Rural Women's Association" PU, Ganbarova Gulbaniz;

46.Public Union "Support to Women's Social Development in Masalli", Mukhtarova


47."Association for the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan" PU,

Babayeva Sakina;

48."Leader Women" Public Union, Yagubova Arzu;

49.Azerbaijan Women's Rights Center Public Union, Mayisa Mammadova;

50.Public Union "Support to Women's Social Development in Zagatala", Mirzayeva Tamella;

51.“Shamkir Women's Resource Center" PU, Hasanova Arzu;

52.Women's Alliance for Civil Society, Niyazi Mehdi;

53."Women's Consensus Center" PU, Guliyeva Aynur;

54.Young Women Lawyers Public Union for Legal Reforms, Shafa Jamalzade; 55."Solidarity among Women" PU, Huseynova Ruhangiz;

56.Public Union "Support to Women's Social Development in Bilasuvar", Azizova Natavan

57."Vafa" Intellectual Women's Public Union, Javadova Asmaya;

58.Public Union "Support to Women's Social Development in Sabirabad", Babayeva Shahla;

59.Women's Initiative for Development, Nabiyeva Ziba;

60.Public Union "Women's Rights and Gender Equality", Aisha Ahmadova;

61.Support to Women's Development and Enlightenment Public Union, Khazana Orujova;

62.Women Public Union for the Development of Municipalities, Khalilova Lyudmila; 63.Mirza Alakbar Sabir Foundation, Sevda Tahirli;

64."Family World" Public Association for Legal Assistance to Families, Gulaya Safarova; 65."Support to Soldiers' Families" PU, Matanat Jafarova;

66."Reformist women and innovations" PU, Vusala Huseynli;

67."Women of the XXI Century" PU, Mahira Amirhuseynova;

68."Soldiers’ Families Society" Public Union for the Propagation of Patriotism, Roza Aligizi;

69.PU for the Promotion of Armenian Aggression, Sariya Jafarova;

70.Public Union "Promotion of Culture and National Traditions", Bullur Mammadova; 71.War Veteran Women's Social Assistance Public Union Rada Abbas; 72.“Khankendi” IDP Support Public Union Khatira Valiyeva;

73."Clean World" Women's Aid Public Union, Mehriban Zeynalova;

74.Khan Shushinski Foundation, Beyimkhanim Verdiyeva.

Nagorno Garabagh