Azerbaijani President: More than 300 towns and villages were liberated on the battlefield

President Ilham Aliyev

© APA | President Ilham Aliyev

# 27 September 2021 10:41 (UTC +04:00)

"The 44-day Patriotic War was a celebration of national will, national spirit and national dignity," said Victorious Commander-in-Chief, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in his address to the nation on the occasion of September 27 - Day of Remembrance, APA reports.

"We won the battle on the battlefield. More than 300 towns and villages were liberated on the battlefield. We achieved this victory by shedding blood and offering martyrs, and we forced the enemy to kneel before us and sign the act of capitulation, an enemy that had been challenging us for 30 years, had been trying to trample on the honor and dignity of the Azerbaijani people for 30 years. The impudent, furious and impertinent enemy knelt before us, waved the white flag, surrendered and was forced to sign an act of capitulation in the early hours of 9 November. As a result of that, hundreds of towns and villages were returned to us without a single shot being fired or a single person becoming a martyr," noted the head of state.