Armenian lobby in Russian media: Kocharyan started pre-election campaign from Moscow - ANALYSIS

Armenian lobby in Russian media: Kocharyan started pre-election campaign from Moscow - ANALYSIS
# 06 April 2021 13:58 (UTC +04:00)

Ex-President of Armenia Robert Kocharian, who is on a visit to Moscow, on April 5 became a guest of Vladimir Pozner on the First Channel of Russia. Before moving on to R. Kocharian's interview, it is worth noting that, answering the questions in Posner's program, the current Kocharian looked like a man broken by our army, and whose facial features reflected defeat.

On the screen, a crushed, discouraged Robert appeared in front of millions. This is the same Robert Kocharian, who at one time in the negotiations with Azerbaijan smugly stated that Karabakh would never return to Azerbaijan. In this interview, we saw a helpless, upset, who for 44 days did not dare to appear before the Azerbaijani army.

The fact that Posner at the beginning of the interview introduced Kocharyan as the first president of Nagorno-Karabakh can once again be understood as a manifestation of how Armenian lobbyists on Channel One, and the presenter himself, who feeds on the same lobbyists, were disappointed after a 44-day war. ... Thus, Kocharian actually began his election campaign with an interview with Russia's First Channel. According to some statements, to prevent the interview from going on air, Pashinyan's team contacted the channel's management, but did not achieve their goal.

It also shows that Russia’s official and government-oriented media is dealing with the conduction of a provocation contrary to the position of official Moscow, President Vladimir Putin. At least one fact gives ground to think about it. R. Kocharyan, as a person who is contrary to the November 10 statement signed by Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Russia, and tries for violation, non-implementation of the agreement every moment, takes steps, which are against Russia’s, Putin’s policy. The large covering of harmful opinions of such a person in Russia’s First Channel causes many questions, in its turn.

As it was expected, most of the questions, addressed by Pozner to Kocharyan, were related to defeating in Karabakh and Armenia’s current condition. Analyzing reasons for the Second Karabakh war, ex-President noted that the war happened due to the policy of current Armenian political leadership, which led the negotiation process to a deadlock. Armenian executioner, who so-called “forgot” demonstration of non-constructiveness by himself and Sarkissian during negotiations, noted his country lost Karabakh just because of Pashinyan. “We have already had a conflict with Azerbaijan regarding Nagorno Karabakh for many years. This conflict started in 1988. There was a process of negotiations considering any solution. But authoritative persons brought the negotiation process to a deadlock during recent years. 

War starts where negotiations end,” noted Kocharyan. He noted that they are ready to change surrounding regions to the status of Nagorno Karabakh based on Madrid principles which is the main subject of negotiations, tries to show himself right. He noted that the proposal of the new government to start negotiations from zero points after 2018, then saying “Nagorno Karabakh is Armenia and dot” then demand on the participation of Nagorno Karabakh in negotiations brought to the end of negotiations.

Responding to the question on revenge Kocharian had to confess that the Armenian army was destroyed during 44 days of war and noted that a new war is impossible with the destroyed Armenian army. “Today, the situation of the Armenian state and the Armenian army does not allow any sober-minded person to think of such revenge,” noted the former president, and called the current peace unfair.

R. Kocharyan, despair emerged by the destruction of the Armenian army, read clearly from his face, tries to put aside the issue of revenge in the pre-election period, to present himself as a supporter of political dialogue in a new political volume. However, it is note secret to everyone that namely R. Kocharyan leads Armenian revanchists. Therefore, it seems very irrelevant for him to try to present himself as anti-political dialogue, anti-war. War criminal Robert Kocaryan is well known in Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It is also clear to everyone that actually Kocharyan takes all possible steps to prevent the implementation of the November 10 statement, tries for violation of this agreement, and ignites revanchism in Armenia. The main power that can show him his place in this issue is the Armenian people. Armenian people should finally understand that namely criminal policy conducted by the Kocharyan-Sargisyan duo for many years has lead them to such a miserable situation. Although in an interview with Posner, Kocharyan tried to put all the blame on Pashinyan and his team, it is not a secret to anyone that namely he and Sargisyan were the main cause of what happened. Kocharyan’s aggressive, fascist policy throughout his life, lead him to a humiliating situation. Due to the impact of the war, this time he already thinks pessimistic about the future of Nagorno Karabakh, which he once presented as an independent republic. Responding to the question of whether it is possible to return “lost” lands or not Kocharyan confesses that it is not real to take lands from Azerbaijan again, however, he hopes the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region can be restored through negotiations.

In response to the journalist's question about the threats that Armenia will face, the second president of Armenia touched upon the Turkey issue. He noted that if borders open, Armenia will face the condition of Adjara and the serious economic expansion of Ankara.

Unable to stifle his hatred of Azerbaijan and Turkey, the war criminal said he saw Ankara as a major threat.

The result of the 44-day war is not only a victory over Pashinyan. Under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, a proud victory was achieved over Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Robert Kocharyan, Serzh Sargsyan, and others. Speaking of chess, President “checkmated” them. Let’s recall the statements voiced by the head of the state many times on the situation.  President Ilham Aliyev noted that the army destroyed in the 44-day war is not Pashinyan's army, it is the army created by Kocharyan and Sargsyan over 20 years: “We knew that their hands were stained with Azerbaijani people's blood, but when we came to those territories, we saw all the horror, all the tragedy of what they had done. Over 20 years, this army was created by Kocharyan and Sargsyan, and we destroyed their army,” the head of the state emphasized. President Ilham Aliyev has given a lesson of historical justice to all military and political criminals of Armenia, especially to Kocharyan, with the iron fist of our Army.

Now, these criminals are witnessing to which hell of the history they take Armenia with the slogan "Miatsum" ...

Zaur Mammadov,

senior lecturer at the Academy of Public Administration under the President, chairman of the Baku Political Scientists Club