Extraordinary parliamentary elections: A crucial point in the wave of reforms - COMMENTARY

Extraordinary parliamentary elections: A crucial point in the wave of reforms  - COMMENTARY
# 05 December 2019 17:19 (UTC +04:00)

By the Order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the fifth conviction of the Milli Majlis has been dissolved. An extraordinary parliamentary election was scheduled for 9 February 2020.

Discussions on the Milli Majlis and calling of early elections were both internationally and internationally recognized as the next and most important stage of reforms in Azerbaijan. Everyone understands that the legislature cannot stay away from the reforms that are taking place in the executive branch of government. Parliament should be adequate to the changes in the country, must be updated, should be adequate to changes in the country, should be updated, should consist of people with new ideas, and should be able to participate in lawmaking in a modern, smart way of thinking.

The thing is that today there are serious changes in the political and economic life of Azerbaijan. As a result of such a political course, staff and structural reforms are underway in the country. In this regard, the decision of the dissolution of the parliament is legitimate. A new parliament is needed to sustain reforms in Azerbaijan, and a number of important laws have to be adopted to improve the legal framework. Only a new, more up-to-date, adequate parliamentary body can act on such a legislative initiative.

It should also be remembered that against the background of the serious processes going on in the region, the country should also be ready for a number of issues. Despite the fact that the present membership of the Azerbaijani Parliament also has achieved quite much success in the area of legislative activity, however, in the times when the serious reforms package is launched, a need for completely new legislative initiatives has arisen. It is necessary to develop a new legal basis for the reforms of education, health and defense systems and economic block. Sustainable development requires new forces and a new way of thinking, and it is more expedient to continue the reforms with a new parliament.

The matter is that another way of strengthening of Azerbaijan as a contemporary, democratic state is the existence of a new, fully functional Azerbaijani Parliament. From this point of view, the implementation of the early election will serve for increasing the strength of the Azerbaijani state.

It is expected that both the ruling New Azerbaijan Party and other parties will nominate as their candidates for the membership in the Parliament the group of intellectual and agile youths who can evaluate the events more effectively and objectively. And this marks the beginning of a completely new era.

Note that, the renewal of the composition of Milli Majlis in the level of the professional team has also become a necessity in order to increase mutual agility in the work of three branches of the government (executive, legislative and judicial) and to accelerate coordination in the margins of the law. It is expected that legislative power will increase the coefficient of performance in order to implement the duties set by the state with new deputy staff. Sometimes, critics note that parliament is an elective body, and therefore names, experiences of persons represented there are identified by voters. Of course, it is so. But it is an unquestionable reality that, the society supports a course of the reform of President Ilham Aliyev, welcomes changes carried out by him, new appointments. In fact, some members of the dissolved parliament were in a line with the main criticism targets of the society. That is why the proposal on the dissolution of parliament offered by the NAP deputies and adopted by the President was welcomed in the society. The society expresses its expectation for a more robust parliamentary debate, made up of more progressive, flexible, modern and adequate thinkers. That is why it is not wrong to say that the new parliament will be formed of more young people, new thinking and modern minds, based on the opinion and will of the society.

In a word, new parliament elections completely change the state administration system. Thus, serious steps have been taken in the background of changes made regarding President Administration, Cabinet of Ministers, the heads of executive powers, as well as, in the economic field. Merging of Taxes, State Committee on Property Issues and other economic entities, as well as, the reforms of social blocks – the increase of wages, pensions, benefits have been observed. Reforms are being continued. From this viewpoint, there was a necessity for the renewal of Milli Majlis. Therefore, the election for new Milli Majlis will most closely assist the reforms.