Depardieu will play Brezhnev in a film

# 14:07
26 August 2019

"Actor Gerard Depardieu plays Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in a film about the events in Prague in the spring of 1968", the film's producer, APA reports citing VAAJU.

"We signed a contract with Mr. Depardieu. In September we will meet with him and his team in Paris and discuss the details of the film. As for actor Alexander Dubcek, he should be played by a well-known actor in the world, but negotiations going on with him, " Sa Leka said.

The director for the picture under the working title "The person's face" will be the Croatian director Lordan Zafranovich. The film is written by Slovak author Karol Glavka, who has so far only completed the first part.

Leca Production film studio is responsible for the photography, the budget of the picture will be more than ten million euros. It is assumed that the band will be ready by the end of 2021.