“We respond to 2600-2700 calls per day” - DEPUTY CHIEF PHYSICIAN CALLS ON PEOPLE

# 13:12
17 June 2020

In recent days, the growth is observed in number of people infected with COVID-19 virus in our country. The daily growth rate of coronavirus cases exceeding 300 people has made the specialists to ring the alarm, APA TV reports.

The deputy chief physician for quick and operational emergency medical aid works of Baku City Emergency and First Medical Aid Station Nurida Farzaliyeva said in connection with implementation of movement restrictions on weekends, the emergency medical aid service is functioning in the enhanced work mode: “As compared with the previous days, the number of calls made to the emergency medical aid service has increased. While on previous days, we responded to up to 1600 calls per days, when we review the statistics of the last day we see that the number of calls has already reached 2600, 2700. The high body temperature is detected in most of people making these calls. Along with this, we also accept during a day the calls of persons got into accident or suffering from any chronic disease".

The doctor said while in previous years, the citizens could treat themselves at home using various medicinal preparations without calling emergency medical aid station regarding high body temperature, in recent days, the rise in body temperature drives them into panic. Therefore, they immediately make a phone call to emergency medical aid station. And this results in growth of calls and delayed arrival of doctor brigades in the addresses: “The delayed response to calls is usually observed on weekends. And this results in increase of workload of the emergency medical aid station. Along with this, the movement restriction is imposed on people on weekends. While on ordinary days, they could refer to local hospitals or polyclinics, currently, they have limited opportunity to do so. Therefore, they have to appeal to emergency medical aid station. I would like to explain to people that if they wouldn’t refer to emergency medical aid station regarding ordinary health conditions, then we would be able to arrive timely in the addresses of the people who made calls regarding urgent health conditions”.