Ancient historical monument and art exhibits found during road construction in Azerbaijan's Ismayilli

# 09:40
12 August 2020

Construction of Basgal-Gichatan-Taghlabiyan-Kalfaraj-Zeyva-Kurduvan-Khankendi-Muju-Sarsura-Kalazeyva-Sulut highway has been started in Ismayilli under the relevant Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated July 31, 2020, APA's local bureau reports.

Nearly a hundred household dishes, decorative things, coins, as well as remains of building, belonging to both b.c and b.c.e, have been found during construction works, conducted in the part of the way, which passes through Kurduvan village.

The territory has been viewed by Head of Executive Power of Ismayilli Region and State Service for Protection, Development, and Restoration of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic on Ismayilli, they have got acknowledged with the foundings.

Relevant official appeals have been made to state agencies in regard to this issue. The aforementioned territory has already been closed by access restricting tape, its protection by civil persons and police officers has been ensured.

Note that Sara Ashurbeyli in her work about "State of Shirvanshahs” mentioned the Kurduvan population as “laborers of Shirvanshahəs treasury” based on medieval sources. It is supposed that the structure situated on that territory is the remnants of the mosque dating back to those times. It is informed that a mosque dating back to the middle ages existed in Kurduvan being a part of the Khankendi administrative and territorial district. According to the local residents, that mosque was situated just on this territory.