Asymptomatic coronavirus patients to be treated at home in Azerbaijan

# 19:51
18 June 2020

“There are still mass gatherings and mass infections at funerals,”," said today Ramin Bayramli, chairman of Board of Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) , at the press conference of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

R.Bayramli noted that not wearing face masks on public transport causes mass infection cases:“In addition to active patients, many of our citizens have applied with delayed symptoms. As a result, they can not be defined during testing. There is a possibility of the sharp deterioration of the condition of these people. Those people were placed not in pandemic but in the infectious diseases departments of other hospitals. Those patients are not rated as COVID-19 patients. Although the upper respiratory tract test is negative, a serious infection is detected in the lower part of the lungs. The condition of these people may worse in a short time.”

Chairman of Board of Administration of TABIB noted that the virus causes blood to clot, which causes severe blockages in the heart and brain vessels.

“We have a lot of patients who were tested negative due to delay. Recently, there were days when 85% of pandemic hospitals in Baku were full. Therefore, new hospitals are becoming pandemic hospitals, two of modular hospitals  have been comissioned. Several hospitals in the regions have also become pandemic hospitals.”

 R.Bayramli brought into notice that preparation regarding the treatment of patients at home have also been conducted: “ Asymptomatic patients will already be treated at home. There are mobilr apps in this regard. The patients will be controlled through the mobile app called E-tabib. Citizens will be given instructions not to leave their homes.  Questions will be addressed to field doctors every 12 hours via home phone. Thus, a decision will be made on whether to treat the patient at home or hospitalize.

At present, the patients are being brought to hospitals. In the coming days, it was decided to control the epidemiological situation and impose certain restrictions regarding the gap between number infections cases and those who recovered. “