Azerbaijan allows some spheres during strict quarantine regime days - LIST

Azerbaijan allows some spheres during strict quarantine regime days - <span class=LIST'>
# 21 June 2020 00:07 (UTC +04:00)

The activity of a number of spheres is restricted in connection with strict quarantine in Azerbaijan’s Baku, Sumgayit, Ganja cities, Lankaran, Yevlakh, Masalli, Jalilabad and Absheron districts from 00:00 June 21 through 06:00 July 5, APA reports.

In accordance with the decree, the activity of the following spheres is allowed during the tough quarantine regime:

1. health and social services:

1.1. research and laboratory services;

1.2. hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities;

1.3. veterinary services;

1.4. production of medical equipment, medicines and medical devices;

1.5. social services;

1.6. services for the care of people with physical, mental and other disorders, as well as those in need of special care.

2. Infrastructure:

2.1. utilities (water and sewage, gas, heating, electricity distribution);

2.2. production and supply of electricity;

2.3. land reclamation and water management;

2.4. telecommunications and communication services.

3. Transport and logistics:

3.1. cargo transportation by planes, ships, trains and vehicles;

3.2. services related to the railway, shipping, ports and roads;

3.3. logistic services;

3.4. public transport and taxi services.

4. Main types of production:

4.1. defense industry production;

4.2. production of oil equipment and installations;

4.3. manufacturing of food products and their raw materials, procurement, supply, storage and wholesale of food products;

4.4. manufacturing of daily care and hygiene products;

4.5. chemical production;

4.6. collection, production and processing of agricultural products, including the activities of farms;

4.7. agriculture, irrigation, plant protection and harvesting;

4.8. production, processing, storage and sale of oil and gas;

4.9. oil and gas transportation by pipelines;

4.10. activity in the field of metallurgy;

4.11. production and repair of construction and household equipment;

4.12. engineering and design services;


4.13. construction and repair of roads, buildings and structures for civil and industrial purposes;

4.14. production of packaging products;

4.15. manufacturing of stone, metal and wood products;

4.16. furniture production and repair;

4.17. slaughter of cattle.

5. Retail and wholesale:

5.1. food sales points;

5.2. drugstores;

5.3. filling stations;

5.4. zoo shops, including pet food sale points;

5.5. points of sale of building materials and household supplies;

5.6. online sales.

6. Domestic services:

6.1. collection and disposal of household waste;

6.2. dry cleaning;

6.3. cleaning of residential buildings, with the exception of apartments;

6.4. car repair;

6.5. car wash points;

6.6. animal shelters.

7. Media outlets

8. Financial organizations:

8.1. banks and non-bank credit organizations, pawnshops;

8.2. investment companies, stock exchanges;

8.3. safety organizations;

8.4. organizations providing payment and clearing services.

9. Special types of services:

9.1. delivery service;

9.2. translation services;

9.3. post services;

9.4. disinfection services.

10. Advocacy.