BTA: Traffic jam emerged in a number of streets in Baku, buses move with delay

BTA: Traffic jam emerged in a number of streets in Baku, buses move with delay
# 19 October 2020 19:35 (UTC +04:00)

The density has been observed in movement of transport facilities in most streets and avenues of the capital city beginning from about 06:00 p.m. in the evening, the Baku Transport Agency told APA.

Currently, the buses in dozens of regular and express route lines are stranded in traffic jams and are moving with delay in a number of avenues and streets in Baku City.  And this makes inevitable emergence of passenger density at bus stop stations and in buses: "Taking this into consideration, we ask drivers of individual automobiles to recognize movement preference in regard to buses. The represents a quite great significance at the present time when the passenger transportations are implemented only by buses".

BTA also disclosed names of streets where density is observed:

1.Yusif Safarov street (in the direction of H.Aliyev avenue)

2.A.Salamzade street (in both directions)

3.Victory circle

4.Koroglu Rahimov street (in both directions)

5.Moscow avenue (in the direction of 20th January circle)

6.Tbilisi avenue (in both directions)

7.G.Garayev avenue (relative density in both directions)

8.Binagadi highway (in the direction of Binagadi settlement), density

9.Sh. I. Khatai avenue (in the direction of H.Aliyev avenue)

10.R.Behbudov street, relative density

11.Z.Aliyeva street

12.U.Hajibeyov street

13.Mikayil Aliyev street (in the direction of Koroglu metro station)

14.Mikayil Useynov avenue (in the direction of Azneft circle).